Where do the richest Russians run away from the altar?

Hello dear friends. We have already written about the richest Russians in pre-revolutionary times, as well as the richest women in Russia. Today we will get to the modern rich, and not married !!!

Fortunately for many girls, not all Russian billionaires are married. Some of them are «actively looking for» wives. And we know where to find them.

1. Mikhail Prokhorov — $9.6 billion

The owner of Onexim and the NBA basketball club Brooklyn Nets (owns a controlling stake) is a rare case among men with impressive capital. At 55, he has never been married and has no children. At the same time, the billionaire has been seen many times in the company of Russian models, whom he likes to take with him to foreign resorts (there are so many girls that they will fit in several minibuses). Once an international scandal broke out — the French police interrogated Prokhorov, but never charged him with pimping.

Prokhorov explains his way of life by the fact that he simply never seriously fell in love. But he adds that he wants a lot. In a 2012 CBS interview, the billionaire even joked that he would get married if his (not the best in the league) team didn’t win a championship within three years. Well, she doesn’t win, but the businessman is still single.

Where can you meet him?

On the Cesme peninsula (Turkey), where the oligarch has a mansion, or in the Seychelles, where, according to media reports, he owns the North Island.

2. Alexander Svetakov — $3.3 billion

Alexander Svetakov, the 53-year-old owner of the investment empire Absolut Group, is divorced and has four children. He met his ex-wife Julia in the 1990s at a hairdresser’s where she worked. He made money from equipment by importing his products from Asia. After the divorce, Svetakov left Yulia $40 million.

The billionaire’s interests include retail, banks, casinos, land and other sectors. About 20 thousand hectares of land belong to him in the Moscow region. He even buys a helicopter — a six-seater McDonnell Douglas — to see his lands from above. However, later he has to give up the helicopter, because it is difficult to fly over the lands he owns, it is difficult to obtain the necessary permits for flights.

Where can you meet him?

At the Pride Wellness sports club in Zhukovka, a prestigious complex near Moscow that Svetakov visits (and owns). And also in places popular with surfers: Bali, the islands of Indonesia or the island of Timor.

3. Arkady Rotenberg — $3 billion

A twice-divorced friend and judo partner of Putin, 69-year-old Arkady Rotenberg remains one of the most interesting bachelors among billionaires. Of course, no matter what happens, the businessman will protect his fortune with a marriage contract, which he concluded before.

Where can you meet him?

At the Gusyatnikov restaurant in Moscow. This is one of the treasures of Arkady and his younger brother Boris and is considered the «home of the Rotenberg family.» Here they meet with the whole family, hold celebrations and negotiations. The restaurant often hosts sporting events with the participation of Rotenberg Sr.

4. Arkady Abramovich — at least $2.7 billion

The son and heir of Roman Abramovich, Arkady is one of the most eligible bachelors at the moment. He is young, ambitious and insanely rich — he is only 28 years old. In addition, he is rich not only in his father’s money. Arkady has been in business since he came of age and now owns (with his father) Chelsea Football Club, operates ARA Capital Limited and Crosby Asset Management, and owns Zoltav Resource. Arkady buys oil and gas fields and builds greenhouse complexes.

In 2013, information appeared in the media about his affair with Alexandra, the daughter of the famous restaurateur Arkady Novikov. But, having lived together for some time in London, their paths diverge. Little is known about his relationship — Arkady does not lead a hectic social life and avoids public meetings. However, there is no news about the marriage yet.

Where can you meet him?

The businessman buys land for growing pumpkins and cucumbers throughout Russia, so he is often found in the provinces. In Moscow, he usually played football at his father’s Skolkovo complex, and then dined at the Tsarskaya Okhota restaurant.

5. Oleg Boyko — $1.5 billion

In 1995, actress Sharon Stone went berserk. She arrives at the Cannes Film Festival and discovers that the villa she booked a year earlier has been rented by a Russian oligarch. We are talking about the Russian oligarch Boyko, a major investor and banker, one of the richest in Russia (at that time).

A year later, in Monte Carlo, he broke his spine. Boyko loses the keys to his villa and decides to go through the balcony, but falls. Since then, he has been in a wheelchair.

In an interview with Tatler in 2010, Boyko admitted that he was looking for a housekeeper who would also perform marital duties. He will probably need it for his home in Los Angeles, where the 56-year-old oligarch periodically resides to produce films (Sin City 2).

Where can you meet him?

In the corridors of the Moscow City skyscraper in Moscow, where the office of his investment holding Finstar is located.

6. Deni Bazhaev — over $600 million

Perhaps one of the most mysterious billionaires. There are almost no photos of him on the Internet, and you will definitely not find his social media accounts.

Badzhaev is a Chechen and inherited his fortune after the death of his father, Ziya Bakhaev, founder of the Alliance Group holding. He owns shares in all divisions of the holding, which have switched from oil to platinum and gold.

It is known that 24-year-old Danny was a miracle child. At age 12, he scored 148 on an intelligence test (an adult average of 100). He easily multiplies four-digit numbers in his head and, as they say, he certainly does not marry until he is 30 years old.

Where can you meet him?

In the best restaurants in Moscow, as a rule, in the company of their cousins ​​and sisters. In winter, he snowboards in the French ski resort of Courchevel. During the summer he spends his holidays at Forte Village in Sardinia.

Well, it turns out that there are a lot of bachelors in the Russian Forbem. Moreover, many are still in shape.

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