What to give for the New Year to Taurus women?

Hello dear friends. There is less and less time left before the New Year, which means it’s time to think about what to put your loved ones under the Christmas tree on the most magical night.

Today I bring you some tips on what gifts to give to Taurus women.

Ladies born under the sign of Taurus are considered wonderful housewives, creating comfort and peace. They also achieve high positions in their careers. Usually this is a strong, self-confident person. The Taurus woman has a huge supply of love for life, kindness and patience.

What stones are undesirable for a Taurus woman to wear?

Few people know that stones can have a huge impact on the life and destiny of a person. Taurus finds common ground with strong yet calm minerals, and when needed, they can fuel your body with their energy.

So, what kind of stones are suitable for a Taurus woman?

Sapphire is considered the ideal amulet for this zodiac sign.

This gem helps to find purpose in life, helps to overcome fears and insecurities. Sapphire gives a person wisdom, peace and makes him more humble. It is great for anyone born under this zodiac sign, regardless of the date of birth.

Other gemstones suitable for this sign: aventurine;


eye of the Tiger;






opal; turquoise;





Gemstone Characteristics for Taurus

Aventurine is considered an extremely positive stone, thanks to which all Taurus enterprises achieve incredible success. If a person is a leader by nature, then such a mineral helps to strengthen these qualities and makes him more resilient. This is the perfect talisman for risky people. Aventurine also protects against spoilage. A wonderful stone for women of all ages.

Jasper is probably the only mineral that removes the negative energy that accumulates in the human body.

Jasper is great for Taurus born from April 21 to May 1. This mineral well removes the feeling of fatigue, increases vitality and gives self-confidence.

Tiger eye is perfect for older women. This is a very beautiful and rare stone that gives a person courage, self-confidence and the ability to think.

Carnelian helps in love affairs. Protects family happiness, has a calming effect and prevents quarrels. Carnelian is an excellent defense against various dangers.

Agate is also ideal for women and girls born between April 21 and May 1. The person who wears it becomes a pleasant conversationalist, makes the right decisions, and also becomes smart and insightful.

This is a stone of loyalty. Agate improves health by protecting the body from various infections and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Coral relieves fatigue and increases the vitality of the body. Relieves tension, fear and prevents depression. Neutralizes all negative emotions. Ideal for people born between May 2nd and May 11th.

Chalcedony has a special effect on Taurus, eliminating raging waves and bouts of melancholy. It promotes peace and harmony in the family, which is why it is so necessary for the female body.

Onyx clears the mind and enhances memory and mental strength. Such a mineral expresses the essence of the Taurus woman.

Onyx is very useful for everyone, as it concentrates bioenergy.

Opal strengthens self-confidence, diverts gloomy thoughts and promotes the disclosure of talents. Great for Taurus kids. Opal guarantees success in all matters. Many believe that it puts in order all the functions of the body.

Turquoise is valued because it can reconcile enemies, reflect angry feelings and bad thoughts.

This stone attracts money, making a person bold and ambitious.

Chrysoprase brings good luck. It contributes to success in money matters, which is extremely important for all Taurus. Chrysoprase contributes to the discovery in a person of the ability to ingenuity. This is a wonderful stone for business women.

Diamond is the talisman of Taurus, whose birth falls on the period from May 12 to 20.

Facilitates contact with a person, helps to reduce the manifestation of negative experiences and strengthen all energy centers. This stone develops in a person all his best qualities.

Pomegranate gives Taurus a good mood and strengthens friendship. This stone awakens a feeling of love and increases a person’s stamina. Pomegranate helps to cleanse the body, which contributes to faster recovery after illness.

Emerald is a talisman for all women.

It promotes the attraction of wealth, gives peace and tranquility. An excellent stone for people born under the sign of Taurus who love stability in everything.

Semi-precious stones for Taurus women

The following semi-precious stones will suit the beautiful representatives of this zodiac sign: rose quartz;





Rose quartz activates mental activity and promotes success in love affairs. Extremely conducive to the development of the imagination.

It is believed that amethyst does not correspond to Taurus at all. But for people born between April 21 and May 1, it helps relieve stress and get rid of depression. In addition, it makes a person intriguing and reduces feelings of anxiety.

Aquamarine evokes feelings of love and friendship. This stone has positive energy. Uplifts mood and relieves laziness.

Thanks to topaz, Taurus develops mental abilities. He reacts quickly to various events and knows how to make the right decisions.

Tourmaline has a beneficial effect on women, improving well-being. It calms them down and helps develop creativity.

What stones are undesirable to wear on a Taurus woman?

Women born under the sign of Taurus should not wear stones with high energy activity. They are suitable only for those amulets that direct energy in the right direction. Undesirable stones for Taurus include:




Opal can be accepted as a gift, but with concern, as it can cause envy.

In addition, this zodiac sign needs to be wary of heliotrope.

When choosing jewelry, you should carefully look at the object of donation, so that the chosen gift includes the right stone and becomes not only an ornament, but also an assistant in many matters.

So, determine what quality your Taurus lacks, and go shopping.

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