What stones are suitable for female archers?

Hello dear readers! In today’s article, we will find out which gemstones are best for the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, born under the sign of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius women are distinguished by curiosity and hyperactivity in conquering new life horizons. Sagittarius can be safely called a tireless traveler and an invincible fighter. Typical representatives of this sign are simply created in order not to stand still, but to constantly look for something, explore, take risks.

What stones are suitable for female archers?

Women of this sign are naturally impatient and very passionate. They can boast of inexhaustible optimism and a cheerful disposition. They love praise, attention, support, awards and gifts. If you decide to surprise her with a gift, give this woman a piece of jewelry with a stone that matches her horoscope. This, according to astrologers, enhances all its positive qualities.

So, Sagittarius girls are suitable for such stones as:



eye of the Tiger,




This is a type of quartz. It can be a beautiful purple or lilac-blue color. According to ancient beliefs, it protects its owner from drunkenness. As for Sagittarians, amethyst is the most powerful talisman for them. For women, he brings self-confidence and strength, encourages the birth of bright and correct thoughts. Gives them balance and relieves doubts, anxieties and worries.

Amethyst also protects the health of its owner, protects him from various dangers and even from the evil eye. But it must be borne in mind that you cannot wear amethyst all the time. The horoscope recommends the periodic wearing of a stone for energetic clearing.


This mineral is one of the most popular semi-precious stones. There are many shades of turquoise, from white-blue to light green. This stone is widely used in jewelry. And for Muslims, this is an indispensable attribute of the bride’s attire. Since it serves as a symbol of virginity and purity, it is the guarantor of a happy family life. There is also a tradition of exchanging turquoise rings on the day of the engagement. They are given as a sign of strong and mutual attraction.

As for Sagittarius — women, this stone attracts good luck to them and helps in the difficult struggle against evil in any of its manifestations. When choosing, consider the shade of turquoise. A bluish stone will give the owner nobility, a sense of justice and will help strengthen power.

According to the horoscope, stones of green shades are suitable for people who have reached a significant status in life. Therefore, it is not recommended to wear this mineral to young girls. Also, it is not recommended to decorate turquoise with gold, it is better to choose silver or use a stone without a frame at all. To improve the protective properties of this stone, it is recommended to wear it in the form of bracelets or large pendants.

Eye of the Tiger

A brown stone with a golden hue is called the stone of common sense. Because it dulls irascibility, aggression and impulsiveness, which helps to avoid unpleasant and sometimes dangerous situations. Astrological horoscopes recommend giving this talisman to young athletes. Because he is able to lead the archer-athlete to numerous victories and even to a new record.

The tiger’s eye is necessary for a Sagittarius woman who has lost faith in herself and her strength. This helps to gain a sense of divine support. Helps people get out of depression and even those who are suicidal. There is a long-standing belief that this stone feels the approach of misfortune. At the same time, it becomes heavier, as if warning the owner of the threat.

Tiger’s eye was once used in folk medicine in the treatment of diseases such as:


Low blood pressure

Eye diseases

Inflammatory processes



This is a decorative stone of dark color, common in places of volcanic eruptions. If you believe in horoscopes, it helps to develop intuition as well as predict events. An arrow woman who has this stone will be much calmer, forget about depression and laziness. But the main task of this talisman is to protect the owner from bad energy. Obsidian is also an indispensable companion for the Sagittarius on the road. It is also known that this is a beautiful amulet that protects against adultery.

So, when choosing stones, Sagittarius should take into account that there are those that do not suit them and can harm the owner. Horoscopes say that aquamarine, emerald and orange agate will only attract bad luck and misfortune.

Stones selected with the help of a horoscope endow people with special powers, develop positive qualities that help achieve success, happiness, good luck and wealth. Stones corresponding to a person according to the sign of the Zodiac protect their owners from evil manifestations, such as: illness, damage, evil eye and envy. Talisman stones can also heal their owners. Having studied the stones suitable for you according to the horoscope, you can purchase a talisman that will protect you throughout your life.

So, which Sagittarius has already experienced the magical power of the stones listed here?

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