What stones are most suitable for women – Scorpions?

Good afternoon dear friends. We will again go for a walk through the Zodiac, and today we will talk about one of its most dangerous representatives.

Scorpio has always been considered the most mysterious and indefinite sign. The representative of the water element, born under this sign, is clearly indestructible, but the first impression is deceptive.

The planet Mars gave the Scorpions aggression, and Pluto – the darkness characteristic of the time of year in which these people were born.

Behind the external coolness of this sign lies passion, the desire for a goal and the ability to “go too far” to achieve the desired result. Each representative of the sign is a fighter by nature, capable of hitting not only others, but also himself. It is no secret that stones corresponding to the date of birth are suitable for each zodiac sign. In turn, for its owner, the stone is a kind of talisman.

How to choose a stone for a woman “Scorpio”?

The brightest representatives of this sign are women born from October 24 to November 2. Their patron is Mars, so they are very energetic and self-confident. Scorpions of this time are suitable for hard transparent stones (tiger’s eye, amethyst, sapphire, jasper, serpentine).

The second decade (November 3-13) is considered the time of birth of the brave, strong and noble Scorpions. These representatives of the sign are under the auspices of the Sun. Scorpion earth stones: coral, turquoise, sardonyx.

Anyone born between November 14th and 22nd is protected by Venus. That is why these people are passionate by nature, with a complex character, able to quickly fall in love and show their emotions. Minerals suitable for these people include garnet, beryl, aquamarine, topaz, alexandrite, and emerald.

Amulet – the most valuable gift

For a passionate woman, hematite is considered an excellent talisman, helping to understand emotions and feelings, as well as increase energy. The mineral is not inferior in strength and hardness to the sign itself and therefore does not conflict with it.

Hematite contributes to the concentration of forces in a certain direction and makes it possible to achieve the goal. In addition, hematite helps strengthen thinking.

Alexandrite is a great talisman for Scorpio, which you need to hold in your hands for a while before buying in order to feel the pleasant sensations of the stone. Another important advantage of the mineral is that it is able to warn the owner of danger by changing its color to yellowish. An amulet with this stone develops a person’s intuition and improves health.

The cat’s eye is a talisman decoration suitable only for confident and purposeful people. Any decoration on the arm will protect the woman from the negative impact. In fact, they are jealous, so the keeper of Scorpio will protect him from deceit, betrayal and robbery.

Yellow topaz is an ideal stone for a woman to help her understand dreams. This talisman helps to preserve youth and it is better to acquire it in white metal.

Sapphire is a stone that helps its owner get rid of past hardships and disturbing thoughts. Sapphire protection allows Scorpio to communicate with other people and makes a woman a little softer, suppressing outbursts of anger. In addition, this stone for Scorpio releases energy for development, so that you can do science and learn about the world around you in full force. The mineral enhances goodwill and therefore helps to find inner balance.

Opal as a talisman is especially valuable for married ladies, as it preserves marital fidelity and harmony in family life. Opal jewelry makes its mistress wiser.

Carnelian is a stone that every Scorpio woman should have. This amulet will help to understand and attract a loved one.

Stones contraindicated for Scorpio

So, what stones are suitable for a Scorpio woman, we have already understood. Now let’s figure out which of the stones is contraindicated for scorpions.

Pearl – this stone tames human wisdom, and Scorpio, who prefers to live at the peak of his passion, does not need it. Those who wear pearls for a long time only run the risk of getting bored. In addition, this stone can extinguish the talent of a representative of this sign.

Agate and amber are minerals that feed on the energy of their owner and do not return anything.

Like this. It turns out that a fairly large number of stones suit Scorpions, so feel free to go to a jewelry store with a list and purchase a charm with each of the stones.

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