The most precious stone in the world is the ruby!

Hello dear friends. Did you know that a real ruby ​​is the most precious stone in the world?

25.59 carat Sunrise ruby ​​in Cartier30 ring $335,698 25.59 carat Sunrise ruby ​​in Cartier30 ring $335,698

No matter if your answer is positive or negative, in any case, here are some interesting facts about this stone.

A perfect quality ruby ​​from Burma is worth more than a diamond of the same quality and weight. This is because rubies are very rare in nature. The stone is extremely beautiful.

The highest amount ever paid for a ruby ​​was on February 15, 2006. Famed London jeweler Lawrence Graf paid £425,000 for an 8.62-carat ruby.

Physical and chemical characteristics of ruby.

Ruby is a type of corundum. Its chemical formula is Al2O3.

The color of a ruby ​​is formed by impurities of aluminum, chromium, iron, titanium: for this reason, the color varies from red, pink-red, purple-red.

Some Burmese rubies can cost $20 per carat, while the best quality stones can cost up to $5,000 per carat or more.

As with other gemstones, the price of a ruby ​​is determined based on the saturation of color and beauty, purity and the absence of defects. The presence of impurities can significantly reduce the price of a ruby.

In addition to Burma (Myanmar), there are other areas where rubies are mined. There are also deposits in countries such as Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Kenya, Madagascar, Tanzania.

Ruby is a real gem and not everyone can afford it because it is expensive.

Today there are many synthetic rubies. They are obtained by different methods of synthesis.

The magical properties of the ruby.

This stone allows the wearer to remain completely safe. It should be worn under clothing, on the body, and it is advisable never to part with it. Ruby increases the responsibility of people and promotes the development of leadership ambitions, eliminates inferiority complexes and insecurity.

It is the favorite stone of kings and queens. It decorates crowns, rings, wands. For this reason, it can still be seen in some museums. In addition, this stone symbolizes passionate love.

Healing properties of ruby.

Ruby strengthens the heart and normalizes blood pressure. It also helps restore memory, helps with epilepsy, stops bleeding, heals any wounds, is said to help treat diseases of the brain, spine, bones and joints. Protects against viral and other infections.

Ruby is recommended for people of such zodiac signs as: Leo and Sagittarius.

Do you like rubies?

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