The five most expensive stones in the world (PHOTO)

Dear friends, I am glad to see you as a guest and I offer you a very interesting topic for discussion, namely, I will present you a list of the most expensive stones.

Prices for gemstones depend on their size, quality, rarity and market demand.

Precious stones have been an integral part of the history of mankind since ancient times and have managed to play an important role in it. Today, some gemstones are truly expensive and extremely valuable, not only because of their small size and size, but also because of their rarity and uniqueness.

Finding a gemstone in its purest form, without turbidity and defects, is as easy as shelling pears. Today we are going to tell you about the five most expensive stones in the history of auctions that can inspire you to collect natural gems.

Diamond STF Pink Star

In April 2017, a 59.60 carat pink oval diamond was sold at a Cottbic auction in Hong Kong for $71.2 million. According to the American Gemological Institute, the stone is of perfect purity and is considered the rarest, with almost no impurities. In 1999, De Beers cut it from a 132.5 carat diamond.

Blue Oppenheimer Diamond

This extremely rare diamond sold at an auction in Geneva for a record $57,600,000 in 2016. The stone weighs 14.62 carats. It was the property of Sir Philip Oppenheimer, who controlled the Diamond Syndicate.

Ruby «Sunrise»

In 2015, two jewelry records were set at the Cottbic auction in Geneva. A Cartier ring with a rare 25.59-carat Burmese Sunrise gem is worth $30.3 million. The ruby ​​is not only the most expensive sold in history, but also has the highest price per carat.

Sapphire Blue Beauty of Asia

First of all, it is important to note that a sapphire weighing more than 100 carats is a huge rarity. The stone was sold in 2014 at a Cristic auction in Geneva for $17.3 million. It was discovered in Sri Lanka in 1926 and its first owner was Mohammed Matsan Markar. In 1937, it was purchased from car magnate Lord Nefield, after which the stone disappeared from world auctions until 2014.

Rockefeller Emerald

From time immemorial, representatives of high society adored emeralds. In 2017, an exceptional quality 18.04 carat Colombian emerald owned by the Rockefeller family was auctioned at Cristic in New York. Jewelry company Harry Winston bought it for $5.5 million.

So, these stones are among the five most expensive in the world. Which of this list did you like the most?

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