Ring with a stone as a symbol of love and fidelity

Good afternoon dear friends. Every girl secretly or openly dreams of marrying her childhood dream, the famous prince on a white horse, who will certainly take her to his fairyland.

However, if you do not have royal blood in your veins and you do not have a fairy-tale castle by the sea, this does not mean that you cannot create your own romantic fairy tale.

“Romancing the Stone”

Giving a magic ring to your beloved is a very responsible step, but at the same time it is a symbol of your love and fidelity. You will immediately see how her eyes will shine, how they will reflect the glow of a shining emerald, diamond, amethyst or other precious stone.

However, having decided on this unconditionally beautiful gesture, it is worth considering some of the nuances of choosing the right gift.

Gemstones are great, but are they enough to make a gift like it? Maybe the magical properties of the stones matter? Does it matter what metal they are? Finally, will a ring with a blue stone suit the lady of your heart, or maybe it is better to choose a transparent one?

What to look for when choosing a ring

First, take a close look at the hand of your chosen one. Remember that a massive ring with a stone can visually increase an already wide palm, and an elongated one lengthens thin fingers. So apply the rule of opposites here.

If you don’t know which metal to choose, go for gold or platinum. Today, these are the most popular materials, and if you think that your significant other will wear a ring every day, it should be noted separately that platinum has the greatest durability.

It is important to decide on the nature of the jewelry – it will be just a wedding ring, an engagement ring with a stone, or a complex jewelry with a scattering of precious stones.

Do not forget about speech. At the most crucial moment, do not forget to tell that now your princess will be lucky enough to wear a ring with a stone that has some kind of magical power. For example, emerald promises happy love, chalcedony – tenderness, topaz – strong friendship, and carnelian – a faithful and happy marriage.

Consider gifting a ring

If you decide to give your beloved a ring with a precious stone, it is important to determine its exact size, since then it will be problematic to increase or decrease it.

There are many options for presenting an original gift to a loved one. A housewife who spends most of her time in the kitchen can bring breakfast to bed and put the ring on a dish or in a cup. Romantic nature – during a flight in a balloon, extreme, you can give a ring during a parachute jump.

And, of course, not a single girl will remain indifferent to the classic gift that her lover gives, dropping down on one knee in front of her. The main thing is the effect of surprise!

Do you remember how you were given, or how you yourself gave a ring with a precious stone?

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