Obsidian: the magical and healing properties of the stone of shamans

Hello. Surely, many of you have heard of such a stone as Obsidian, and even saw and touched it.

Did you know that for several millennia in a row this stone has not lost its popularity as a cure for all diseases. After all, it is a stone of shamans and wizards — obsidian. Even in ancient civilizations, the healing properties of a stone with unusual properties were highly valued. Many figurines and rings made of obsidian have survived from the time of Ancient Rome.

Description and origin of the stone

Obsidian is a stone of volcanic origin. It is formed as a result of the rapid solidification of lava and does not have a crystalline structure.

About nine thousand years ago, the first deposits of obsidian began to form.

Obsidian is found near volcanoes in Iceland, Japan, Ethiopia, Mexico, Ecuador. There are also deposits in the state of Nevada in the USA and in Hawaii.

The places where obsidian is mined in Russia are the Caucasus, Siberia and the Kamchatka Peninsula.

A bit of history

Even in the Paleolithic, objects made of obsidian first appeared. It was used in the creation of axes and knives.

During the period of ancient culture, obsidian became a trend in fashion for precious stones.

The ancient masters of Egypt used obsidian to make incense.

The Aztecs made daggers and ritual mirrors from stone.

Christians in the Middle Ages made obsidian rosaries.

In the eighteenth century, the mineral became popular in Europe. In those days, every noble lady had precious stones.

At the end of the nineteenth century, the House of Faberge began to include obsidian in their products, and a new wave of obsidian fever began.

Varieties of stone

Obsidian varies in color.

One of the most beautiful stones is the obsidian snowball. It is a black stone with scattered gray and white crystals.

«Silver» stone has a steel color and a gray sheen.

«Transcarpathian» obsidian is distinguished by a beautiful luster and a deep black tint.

In addition to these species, obsidian with greenish, blue-blue and reddish hues are found in nature.

magical properties

Since the time of the Aztecs, the crystal has been the talisman of magicians and shamans, who with its help concentrated the forces of the astral.

It is believed that obsidian stones can predict the future.

Possessing natural protective magic, the crystal can protect its owner from aggression and anger, protect him from unworthy actions.

The Sumerians made mirror stones from it. It is believed that if you look in such a mirror, you will see all your weaknesses and shortcomings.

Obsidian stones are often seen on the table of natural science and scientists. He patronizes people who are engaged in science, helping them to penetrate the secrets of the universe.

A crystal pendant is useful for uniting disparate people. The stone will help you develop the ability to concentrate and focus on the right decision.

Obsidian can support its owner in difficult times. He will explain the incomprehensible and allow you to calmly accept circumstances that cannot be changed.

Amulets made of volcanic stone develop stamina, life wisdom and patience.

First of all, obsidian talismans are intended for practicing magicians and mediums, designers, scientists and other people involved in research.

An obsidian talisman is contraindicated for creative people. He knows how to cool the imagination and eradicate any initiative.

It is not always possible to wear an amulet with a crystal and businessmen, as it extinguishes business qualities and ingenuity.

As an amulet, a stone should be for those who are afraid of the «evil eye». The stone will protect from the negative influence of evil spirits and the bad influence of the environment. That is why it is often used as a children’s amulet.

The healing properties of the stone

Obsidian, in addition to magical properties, also has a healing effect.

It is very effective in the treatment of colds and mental disorders.

It can help in the treatment of diseases of the reproductive system, both men and women.

The healing talent of obsidian is aimed at normalizing the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

stone care

Obsidian is a fragile mineral, so you need to know how to properly care for it.

To store jewelry of volcanic origin, it is best to take a soft bag.

Beware of strong shocks and sudden changes in temperature.

It is not recommended to leave the stone in water or in the sun for a long time.

To clean obsidian, it is best to use cold water and a mild soapy solution. Under no circumstances should chemicals be used. After washing, obsidian should be gently wiped with a soft cloth and placed in a box.

Those who use an obsidian crystal as an amulet should not forget to periodically leave it for a while under running water. This procedure will cleanse the stone of negative energy.

These are the qualities this mysterious stone possesses. Do you have obsidian jewelry or amulets?

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