Not only emerald!

Hello dear friends. We know mostly the most famous and expensive stones of different colors. Red rubies, blue sapphires, blue topazes, pink amethysts, green emeralds.

But besides them, there are other stones of the same colors. Let’s try to name all the green stones today.

They are the most popular among jewelry lovers. Green color is associated in humans with lush greenery, nature, coolness, harmony.

All shades of green, dark, light and almost transparent normalize the work of the heart and pressure, fight headaches and eye diseases, help restore lost strength and youth.

Mother Nature gives us many varieties of precious stones. Some of them are considered valuable and are used for exceptionally expensive jewelry, others are used to make earrings, rings and other jewelry for the mass consumer.

But each crystal of this color will never be superfluous, the craftsmen will find a worthy use for each of them.

Some representatives belonging to the «green family» can appear in nature not only in green, but also in yellow, gray, purple and pink. But more precious among them are rare examples of green shades.


The most famous green stone is emerald. In the realm of green stones, the emerald is rightfully regarded as the king.

This gemstone is one of the varieties of beryl, highly revered by jewelers due to its transparency and unusually pure hue.

But such beautiful samples that we see surrounded by precious metals are obtained only after proper processing.

Under natural conditions, the stone has an unattractive appearance. The stone is so expensive in the jewelry industry that silver is not used in making jewelry with them.

If jewelry is created with emeralds in white metal, jewelers use white gold or platinum.

Emeralds began to be used in jewelry even before our era. The mention of this stone is found in the description of the vestments of the priests. Many emeralds were discovered during the conquest of the treasures of the Aztecs and Incas. Currently, emerald deposits are located in Colombia and other countries of South America. Less deposits are found in Zambia, Nigeria, Australia, Russia, India, Afghanistan.

Astrologers and healers around the world recommend the use of emerald for the treatment of eye diseases, insomnia and epilepsy, as well as to protect the wearer from snake bites.

The most expensive emeralds have all shades of green — from dark to light. Yellow or blue colors indicate that the value of the mineral is decreasing.


Green is one of the most common colors and shades of precious and semi-precious stones. Demantoids have a grassy green color with a very light tint. The most valuable are stones with a high refractive index, which resembles a diamond pattern.

Most often, demantoid is used in the manufacture of rings or necklaces.


Tourmaline can be dyed in more than just green. There are representatives of red-violet shades, pink, from brown to black. This stone is classified as a complex mineral.

The historical name of the stone «TOUR MAL» means mixed stone. The value of tourmaline for jewelers lies in its properties.

Small natural minerals boast a rich variety of colors and shades. Also, tourmaline is able to change color depending on the angle of the light rays.

The main supplier of tourmalines today is Brazil. Deposits are being developed in America, India, Canada, Italy, Switzerland and Burma

Astrologers recommend wearing the stone as an amplifier of love energy. He is able to attract the attention of the owner to his soul mate.

Green sapphire

This gemstone is a variety of Corundum. It is a very hard stone, similar to a diamond.

Green sapphire is often used in necklaces, rings and earrings.


Chrysolite in nature occurs in green with a yellowish tinge. Sometimes there are small inclusions on its surface.

Cleopatra idolized this stone and generously decorated her clothes with it. For a long time, the mineral was confused with emerald, as it acquires a deep green color after sunset.

Chrysolite is currently mined in America, Brazil and China.


This stone has found use in all types of jewelry, due to its important qualities.

A wide variety of colors distinguish it from other semi-precious stones. Green color can have several shades.

The natural hardness of the mineral allows you to expand the scope of its use. Ddespilite is used to create caskets, chests and figurines, as well as church accessories.


Green is one of the most common colors and shades of precious and semi-precious stones, which have a heterogeneous composition in color due to the intermediate layer of mica and belong to various quartz minerals.

Aventurines in jewelry can be polished or roughly worked. Sometimes entire rings are carved from this mineral.


The green stone has recently been recognized as the leading one. It is located only in Russia, in the Baikal region. An unusually picturesque stone has an opaque green color. It contains silver inclusions in the form of spots or fibrous impurities. These layers shimmer with all shades of the rainbow.

Seraphinite does not like setting of expensive metals in jewelry, it is most often found in a silver setting.

Serpentinite or serpentine

The name of the stone is given by the color, which is similar to snake skin. Used to create bracelets, beads and pendants.

A very large number of household items are created from the serpentine. For example, original stationery, jewelry boxes, vases, watches.


The gemstone is green in color with a yellowish tint, mined in any part of the world. It may have to appear in the form of a precious stone or semi-precious varieties.

Beryl acts as inserts in earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets.

The number of species derived from the mineral is very large.

Beryl is mined in Russia, Brazil, Colombia, Madagascar and Namibia.


Natural specimens of particular value are mined in the Urals. Sometimes there are minerals up to 3 meters in size, so decent-sized household items are created from malacht. In jewelry, malachite is used to create bracelets, beads and pendants.


Jade refers to precious decorative stones with an uneven color. Its color can be dark green and light green. The surface has dirty or wavy inclusions. It is very resistant to aggressive atmospheric influences, and is used for the production of amulets and household items. Sometimes rings and bracelets are made from a single piece of jade.


The mineral belongs to a decorative stone, but transparent samples are often used in jewelry. Photos of pure stone are rare among decorative stones. Only those that are mined in Yakutia are very popular on world markets.

So, there are many green stones, which are associated with the restoration of the body. Wearing stones of such shades allows you to solve many problems with blood vessels, normalizes the heart rhythm, calms the nervous system and strengthens the body. The owners of these stones are also less likely to suffer from colds. So be sure to wear them.

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