Not Kate, but Camilla!

February 6th was a special day for the British monarchy. Queen Elizabeth II celebrates the 70th anniversary of her ascension. The worthy lady was once again in the spotlight for the holidays, but the most interesting thing was what she officially announced.

The 95-year-old monarch from the United Kingdom has revealed who will take her place after her death. And some were really shocked by the news she shared.

Many of the exchanges have been going on for more than 10 years, since Prince William got married. According to tradition, the speculation that it was he who would become king, bypassing his father in the line of succession, was planted by the police. However, the queen did not change the rules and named her eldest son, not her grandson, as her successor. It is Charles who will become the next king of Great Britain.

Elizabeth II also announced that his wife Camilla would also be queen consort. And in her address to her subjects, Her Majesty expressed the hope that Camilla would be recognized by her subjects.

“I really want Camila to be Queen Consort, because she has proven that she faithfully serves me and my country.” Elizabeth said.

Here is such a twist. Do you think Camilla will be the next queen?

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