Noble spinel: description, properties and photo of the stone

It is very difficult to find a more beautiful red crystal in nature than the noble spinel. This bright stone with hints of light radiates warmth and charm.

Spinel will surely give its owner love and a happy life. But you should know that the mineral requires careful handling.

Spinel is a first-class gem. It belongs to the number of unusual and rare crystals due to its rich color, brilliance and physical properties.

The size of the mineral is usually small. However, specimens over one foot in length are occasionally found.

Depending on the transparency, color and relief, the stones have different names. Red specimens of the mineral are called ruby ​​spinel, reddish-orange – rubicelle, reddish-pink – ruby-bale, blue – spinel sapphire, and purple – oriental sapphire.

Transparent stones are transparent and colorless, but are rare in nature.

The red color of the crystals determines the presence of chromium ions. Purple-red color is associated with the presence of manganese, yellowish – with the addition of iron.

The hardness of spinel on the Moss scale is eight. This is only two units lower than that of a diamond.

A bit of history

As for the use of stone in jewelry, the first mention of spinel dates back to the thirteenth century. At that time, these crystals were mined at the Kuhilala polygon. However, the famous traveler Marco Polo, who visited the Pamirs, called this deposit a “ruby mine”.

Only in the nineteenth century, thanks to the development of science, it became possible to understand that the stone is a separate group of minerals.

After that, a lot of jewelry was carefully examined, and it turned out that the stones, mistaken for rubies, were actually spinels.

One of the most famous stones in history is called the Ruby Black Prince spinel. He was presented for military gallantry to the Prince of Aquitaine and the Welsh King of Castile in 1376.

Since 1415, King Henry V always carried a stone with him, and this saved his life. During the Hundred Years’ War, in one of the battles, the monarch’s helmet was shattered by a sword strike, but the king did not die. That is why it is believed that the “Black Prince” saved his life.

During the bourgeois revolution, the “Black Prince” disappeared and returned to the royal family only during the restoration of the monarchy in 1660. Since then, he has adorned the crowns of English monarchs.

The famous Timur crystal, which once belonged to the conqueror Tamerlane, weighs three hundred and sixty-one carats.

In the Louvre in Paris, there is a spinel, which is used to adorn the crowns of French monarchs. The weight of the stone is one hundred and five carats.

Even today, the dark red stone is kept in the Diamond Fund of Moscow, decorating the crown of Catherine the Great.


Until recently, all these gemstones were considered natural rubies, and it was only with the help of advanced diagnostic methods that scientists were able to establish their true origin.

Varieties of crystals

The stone has a large number of varieties that differ in the degree of transparency and color.

1. Noble spinel – transparent crystals, painted in different beautiful colors:

ruby stone has rich shades of red;

oriental amethyst – purple;

ruby – pink;

rubicelle – orange-red;

sapphire spinel – blue or pale blue.

The main deposits of these stones are India, Borneo and Ceylon.

2. Chrome spinel or black picotite.

3. Ordinary spinel, ceylonite.

It is rich in iron and has a dark green or dark brown color. In Russia, there are many deposits of spinel in the Urals.

4. Ganit or zinc spinel.

It has a blue color, sometimes with a purple tint. It replaces magnesium with zinc and iron.

The healing properties of the stone

The red crystal is able to support the body in viral diseases, improve blood circulation and stimulate the immune system.

Even in ancient times, mineral powder was used to treat the stomach and improve complexion.

It is believed that the stone can cure lower back pain and relieve nightmares.

Green spinel stabilizes blood pressure and metabolism, helps with eye diseases and joint pain.

Pink is useful for skin diseases. Normalizes sleep and heals nerves.

Black stone lithotherapy is recommended for hypotension. It can also reduce bleeding and relieve pain from bruising.

Blue or purple spinel will help with diseases of the lungs, liver and kidneys, corrects the functioning of the endocrine system.

The stone is quite fragile, so it can easily turn into dust. Ancient healers used this property of the gem and treated burns and wounds with powder. Eastern healers use the crystal to treat infectious diseases.

Properties and compatibility with zodiac signs

The strong magical properties of spinel can radically change the fate of a person for the better. It is true that the stone helps only sincere people with good intentions.

The stone will rejuvenate its owner physically and spiritually, invigorate, attract friends and bring happiness.

Earrings or rings with minerals can attract family happiness and love.

In Europe, an amulet with a crystal was worn for rejuvenation. It was believed that he could extend his life for years.

You can’t wear a talisman all the time. The stone is not only able to pump energy, but also deprive the owner of his strength.

As a talisman, it is recommended to wear jewelry with spinel for Taurus, Pisces and Libra. The gemstone will provide especially great support to women – Pisces, as well as people born under the sign of Leo. They will improve their intellectual abilities and willpower, give them additional strength and energy.

Cancers should not use these gems. People born under this sign of the zodiac, the stone can make unnecessarily lazy.

stone care

When buying jewelry with spinel, remember that the gem is quite fragile and can wear off over time. Care must be taken in this regard.

Jewelry is best stored in a box with a soft lining.

Remove all jewelry before performing physical work.

Not recommended for daily wear.

The stone must be protected from falls, impacts and contact with aggressive chemical environments.

Once every three to five months, gemstones should be cleaned with a mild soapy solution using a toothbrush.

Spinel has such unusual properties. Do you have jewelry with this stone?

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