Fashion of the 90s: jewelry that we made ourselves

Good afternoon dear friends. I’m going to talk about jewelry once again today, but… It’s not jewelry, not insanely expensive diamond earrings and rings. This is what we did with our own hands in the far, far 90s!!!

Today, we can easily go online and find detailed master classes and video tutorials on creating a particular piece of jewelry, be it a brooch, ring, beads, etc.

But there were times when most of us took this work so seriously that we put weaving baubles literally on stream, for example.

Recall the difficult 90s, when many children themselves made incredibly strange jewelry and even cosmetic accessories.

So, the first place is occupied by weaving from beads.

Next come ridiculous bracelets and rings from…. (Drum roll!!!) fanatics))))

Usually from under Frutella or some kind of toffee. The main thing is that they are square.


More experienced and skillful “Jewelers” even knitted jewelry – from brooches to necklaces.

Well, let’s not forget about wire jewelry. My favorites are, of course, copper wire rings.

These are the decorations I remember. There were, of course, a wide variety of homemade hair tricks. Basically copying various springs.

Today, as I see, children are also fond of needlework from time to time. But, for some reason, there are no such smart as we are.

Did you make any jewelry in the 90s?


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