Good afternoon, my dear friends and readers. I suggest we all go to the Emerald City today.

A stone of green color, a magical emerald is a talisman of sailors and mothers. Strengthen memory, relieve stress and help maintain chastity – this is just a small list of properties inherent in emerald.

Jewelry with emeralds is considered a chic gift. However, when buying accessories with it for yourself or as a gift, you should take into account that emeralds are not suitable for everyone.

Description of the stone

A raw emerald has almost no sparkle. Emerald is a stone of beryllium varieties of igneous origin. This is a rare gem. The green mineral has crystals of chromium impurities in its structure with a slight substitution of aluminum ions. Sometimes vanadium and iron are present in the composition of impurities. The raw crystal has many defects and flaws, so the beauty of jewelry is the result of the work of masters.

The main and amazing feature of the processed material is its ability to change its shade if the stone is turned at a certain angle. Having different saturation, the stones may differ in price: the most expensive specimen has a dark green tint and crystal transparency. There are stones that have a more saturated color in the central part, and not on the periphery. Emeralds over 5 carats are more valuable than similar diamonds.

Green gemstone is a rather brittle material, the hardness of which is slightly lower than that of diamond.

History of the emerald

In ancient times, magical properties were attributed to the emerald, the emerald is translated from Greek as a “green stone”. It has long been very popular among people, it fascinates and attracts the eye. The precious stone has always been revered by many nations, which was a sign of prosperity and at the same time restraint.

Many believe that this mineral has highly mystical and healing properties, in addition, it has an incomparable beauty, as it has become one of the most revered stones in many countries. The most valuable emerald among Muslims, as this color is considered to belong to Islam.

The Aztecs and Incas considered this gem to be sacred. Many mystical qualities are attributed to the stone, it was respected and revered. Precisely because the emerald was a particularly valuable gift, it was presented as a sign of fidelity and love. It is believed that the possession of an emerald means happiness and good luck. Women who own precious stones assure that their birth was quick and almost painless.

Emerald deposits have been developed since the time of the Egyptian pharaohs, and today they are almost exhausted. But thanks to modern technologies, artificial emeralds are actively produced, almost indistinguishable from a natural mineral.

It is impossible to distinguish natural stone from artificial stone with the naked eye. The characteristics, composition and other parameters of the artificial material are identical to natural ones.

Today, this gem is actively used in jewelry. Bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings, decorated with emerald stones, are given to lovers. To have such an accessory now, as before, is very prestigious.

Emerald: colors and varieties

We all know that this crystal has a dark green color. However, natural stones may vary slightly depending on their shade. There are the following varieties of emerald minerals:

In Colombia, precious stones are mined, they have a grassy green color. Minerals of a dark green shade Trapezium are also mined there, their distinctive feature is 6 rays deviating from the center of the stone.

Emerald mined in Zambia is the most transparent – it is a pure green hue, slightly darker than the Colombian mineral water. Sometimes minerals mined in Zambia can have a bluish tint.

The gemstone mined in Zimbabwe is distinguished by the presence of a yellowish tint. Thanks to the amazing combination of green and yellow hues, this stone is highly valued in jewelry.

Emerald can be smooth, but most often the mineral has microscopic cracks. Despite the fact that the material is quite strong, it is very easy to split it. For this reason, the manufacture of jewelry with emeralds requires certain rules.

Emerald properties are mystical and healing.

To this day, there are also natural emeralds, which not only have an excellent and unique appearance, but also many healing, and sometimes “magical” properties. The unique functions of the mineral have been used by people for the benefit of their health for several millennia.

It is believed that it promotes healing from many diseases. The main areas of action of the magic mineral are the head, joints, stomach and bladder. Sometimes used to purify drinking water, it is enough to soak the mineral in a glass of water for an hour.

Since ancient times, he cured epilepsy, completely coped with insomnia, relieved nightmares and other disturbances in the process of sleep. The stone helps to stabilize pressure, relieves headaches and tension, helps relieve stress and calm.

Surprisingly, emerald also improves eyesight. To do this, you need to look at it daily for a certain amount of time.

In ancient times, there was a belief that the emerald, placed at the head of the bed, relieves bad mood, bad thoughts and nightmares. Due to its powerful magical properties, the mineral still maintains a reputation as an assistant in getting rid of life’s problems and hardships. It frees its owner from unnecessary obsessive thoughts: for example, it helps the criminal to take the path of correction or to remain faithful to the spouses.

The magic crystal brings success and good luck to its owner. However, he does not support two-faced and evil people, attracts illness and failure to them. People with a pure soul and a good heart will be protected themselves and will be able to protect their entire family. Emerald also contributes to the birth of healthy children.

Who is the stone for?

Emerald has long been used in jewelry, is an excellent companion and talisman for people who prefer creative activities. Perfectly adapts its owner to inspiration and creativity, contributes to the emergence of interesting and creative ideas.

It is believed that each sign of the Zodiac in terms of energy is a certain stone. Emerald belongs to the following characters:

The stone helps Sagittarius. Environmentalists by nature, Sagittarians strive to excel in all areas of their lives. It is the emerald that will become a good friend and assistant in achieving your goals.

Gemini with the help of a magic crystal will be able to gain confidence and composure. He will help single twins organize their personal lives. Gemini, in addition to emeralds, is recommended to wear jewelry with amethyst, alexandrite, corneine, rock crystals or pearls.

Cancers emerald will help to find peace, endurance and self-confidence. An amazing emerald in combination with sapphire and jade will help these people get rid of rigidity and loneliness.

Regardless of the sign of the Zodiac, it is worth remembering: a green crystal is suitable only for pure and kind people. It is not necessary to seek help from a magic stone for those who do not live in harmony with their feelings and honor.

This is such a wonderful Emerald. Do you have jewelry with him?

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