Citrine: its features and magical properties

Good afternoon, my dear readers. Today we will not only look at a very beautiful stone, but also find out what characteristics and unusual properties it has.

Citrine is yellow or golden quartz. Because of this coloring in ancient times, people believed that this stone once absorbed the sun’s rays, which froze in it forever. It is endowed with magical properties and is believed to give warmth, protection and positive energy.

In ancient times, citrine amulets were used to scare away poisonous snakes. Roman senators preferred to wear jewelry with this stone, believing that it gives the voice the power of persuasion and helps to correctly express their thoughts. In the Middle Ages, citrine jewelry was worn before bedtime so that you could relax more quickly and fall asleep more peacefully. Currently, such a stone is used as a talisman against the evil eye. It has a variety of properties, both magical and healing.

Physico-chemical properties of citrine

Citrine is a crystalline variety of quartz whose predominant color is yellow. It is a semi-precious stone that is often used to make jewelry.

Its crystals are mostly transparent. Such a bright yellow color is obtained due to iron impurities. Natural citrine may have cracks and opaque areas, aided by the inclusion of opaque quartz.

Its hardness on a ten-point system is 7 points. Citrine is produced in such countries as: Russia, USA, Madagascar, Brazil, France, Great Britain.

magical properties

These properties of citrine have been known since ancient times. It is often used to make amulets and talismans. It used to be believed that such a stone helps to get rid of evil spirits.

This mineral is also known as a stone that brings success. Helps to achieve prosperity in trade and entrepreneurship. It is usually kept in a purse or wallet to improve the financial situation.

Citrine is believed to be able to dispel negative energy without requiring purification. Warm positive energy emanates from this mineral, which instills optimism in a person, gives joy and cheerfulness. It also allows intuition to open up in human consciousness. This helps him adapt more easily to various changes, protecting him from various problems.

The magnetic energy that comes from citrine enhances the ability to speak orally, which makes actors very fond of it.

Citrine helps fight indecision, allowing you to make the right decisions. It is believed that this stone can cause the sympathy of others for the person who wears it, which makes him sociable. This boosts self-confidence.

Since this mineral has the ability to align yin and yang, the strongest differences between men and women begin to smooth out if one of them has such a stone. In general, from the point of view of magic, such a stone is a strong assistant in risky business. It also identifies honest people and scammers.

Healing properties

The healing properties of this stone are manifested in diseases of the genitourinary system and the gastrointestinal tract. Indian healers use citrine to treat diseases such as:




Today it is believed that citrine has a very positive effect on the human body, giving it vitality, which makes its immunity stronger and promotes increased physical activity. It helps to remove harmful toxins from the body, has a beneficial effect on the thyroid gland, and also helps to reduce the exacerbation of peptic ulcer.

This yellow-sunny mineral is very useful for the mental health of a person, the development of his intellect. In addition, it is believed that if you wear this stone for a long time, it will help a person:

  • get rid of depression;
  • strengthen memory;
  • relieve headaches;
  • gain self-confidence;
  • to think well in difficult situations;
  • correctly express their thoughts;
  • increase the level of intelligence;
  • get rid of bad thoughts and nightmares;
  • fill your soul with positive emotions.

Citrine and zodiac signs

For this stone, the ideal zodiac sign is Gemini. Only they can get the maximum potential from citrine. Gemini often does not have an emotional lift, they are often accused of cheerfulness and slight recklessness, and the mineral compensates for all this. For a Gemini woman, the stone gives the ability to understand people and improves her inner intuition. A Gemini man can be financially successful.

Citrine is also suitable for such a zodiac sign as Leo. Many lions consider it a talisman, by the way, it goes well with other stones. It is a completely indiscriminate mineral.

Also, this stone is suitable for people born under the sign of Virgo. Thanks to this talisman, Virgos begin to relate to life and events much easier.

All other signs of the zodiac can also wear jewelry with this stone without harming themselves. Everyone except Scorpio. This is the only sign for which citrine is dangerous. Astrologers do not advise Scorpios to keep citrine even at home, not to mention wearing it as an amulet.

If you buy jewelry with citrine, you should remember that this stone does not tolerate sunlight well, so it should be stored in a dark place. If necessary, rinse under running water using a mild detergent, then dry with a dry towel.

These are the features of the incredible beauty of the stone. And if you are not a Scorpio, then rather get this stone. And if you already have it, share your feelings from owning it.

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