Adele shows off her $9.5 million mansion in Los Angeles

Hello to everyone who is interested in the topic of jewelry and wealth. Today we invite you to get acquainted with how one of the most successful and titled singers of our time lives.

Adele recently gave her fans a tour of her $9.5 million Los Angeles home while featured in a series of 73 Vogue questions.

The Grammy-winning singer said the «English countryside» was a source of inspiration for her home.

And if you once watched English classic films, then in the photographs of the reportage you will recognize the interiors of one or another estate from Jane Austen’s novels.

Her luxurious mansion boasts a «very English» garden and a huge open-plan kitchen.

Bright carpets of rich deep shades and warm graphite shades of furniture make even huge spaces cozy and cute.

In the 18-minute video, Adele confirmed that she was ready to return to the tour soon, and shared her most treasured possession — a piece of chewing gum chewed by the legendary Celine Dion.

Opening the doors of her stunning mansion, Adele revealed what she «loves» about Los Angeles and how her luxurious home in the United States makes her feel happy, warm and peaceful.

And in fact, the house is saturated with incredible warmth, although this is most likely largely due to the energy of the girl herself. Adele is beautiful and that goes for everything. And voices, and appearance, and her attitude to others.

It’s impossible not to fall in love with her… Do you like Adele?

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